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The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

During the week of January 26 - 30, 2009, I conducted research at the Jimmy Carter Library in Atlanta, Georgia on efforts by the administration's speechwriting office to sell Carter's energy plans to Congress and the American public. Here are some photos and a sample memo I found during my research.

The archives at the Jimmy Carter Library

The archives of the Jimmy Carter Library as seen from within the museum.

My desk at the Carter Library, with file cart and indices notebooks in background

My desk at the Carter Library, with file cart and index notebooks in background.

connermemo 08-11-78

First draft of a critique Chief Speechwriter James Fallows appears to have elicited from speechwriter Caryl Conner soon after she was hired. Final draft is dated August 22 and was sent out the next day to Carter aides Jerry Rafshoon and Greg Schneiders. Conner, C. (1978). Memorandum, "Speechwriting organization [draft]," August 11. Box 29, Speechwriter's Collection: Subject Files, "Speechwriting Organization--8/78 JF," Jimmy Carter Library.